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In 2015 I interviewed people about “Personal courage.” It was a beautiful experience for all of us.



I talked to Laura about “Personal Courage” in April 2015, shortly before she left Barcelona to travel around the world. Right now you might meet her somewhere in Mexico.

“As a child I wanted to be an archeologist like Indian Jones, travelling and having adventures. Later on l understood courage as being hard and persistent, to stand situations. This had nothing to do with Indianer Jones.

I ended a relationship, which I could have easily continued for much longer, but it didn´t make me happy. This was very scary, because I thought I wouldn´t be able to manage on my own.

The difficult part was getting to the point of taking the decision. Fear seemed like a big mountain. Once the decision was made, everything fell into place.

A question, that I ask myself often is: Do I see myself in the same place in ten years? In ten years, being in the same place – would I regret having stayed for ten more years? It is a question that helps me to see if I have to move on.”




Jaume is my favorite cook. I adore his creativity and passion when it comes to food.

When I was talking to Jaume last year, he had just left his job with the plan of creating a business out of his passion.

I found it especially interesting how he talked about the starting point of taking a decision, that requires courage. In his opinion it makes a difference, if you leave a situation, because you go for something better, or if you run away of it without confronting your fear. In case of just running away, you will meet the same thing in future situations. He also talked about just staying in a situation without facing your fears, which he sees almost as not living.

Shortly ago he has opened his business. It’s called Ffloda, an amazing place for people, who love cooking as well as for the ones, that would like to learn how to spend less time in the kitchen, while still preparing delicious and healthy meals. Have a look at:


If you don´t have butterflies in your belly, if your belly doesn´t hurt anymore, if you are not excited anymore, means you are dead.

If you are in a situation, that makes you afraid and you don´t face your fear and run away, you will meet the same thing in the future.  Not facing your fear, not taking decisions and just staying means not living.

I left my job two months ago to start my own business.  I was surprised, when people told me, how courageous I was to leave my secure job for creating my dream job in my age. I hadn´t thought a lot about my age when I took this decision.

I don´t want anything big. My business will be small and stay small. I want to get my hands dirty, working, not growing bigger and managing other people work for me.”

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