You might be highly sensitive


Are you sensitive to loud noises, bright light or strong smells?

Are you drawn to beauty – art, nature or beauty in small things?

Are you quickly aware of other people´s emotions?

Do you need time alone to avoid being overwhelmed?

You might have a trait, called “Highly Sensitive”, like around 20% of the population do.

80 % of my clients are highly sensitive. I refused to dive deeper into this subject for a while, because I don´t like labels, still aware, that I scored in all the possible tests extremely high. In the end I gave in, because it was obvious, that my life could have happened so much smoother, if I had known about my trait. And first of all – I saw, that my clients learned so much faster, once knowing about their trait. I could see the instant relief in them and the beginning of appreciating who they were.

I stopped wondering, why this type of clients learned so fast, because it was evident. My work could be described as a sensual way of learning. Touch is used to connect the client with his or her senses, allows the nervous system to relax and the mind to calm down. A big part of my work is about the client finding his or her inner and outer resources in order to confront difficult situations in life and highly sensitive people learn very fast this way.

The so called “being overwhelmed” or “over aroused”, an experience, which makes you feel, that everything is too much, can be detected as a whole body experience and the client learns tools to calm down the nervous system in a very efficient way.

Vulnerability and sensitivity are not the most popular character traits in our society. This means, that some highly sensitive people have learned to reject who they are and try hard to be different in order to be accepted and adapt to their surroundings. Learning to allow to be sensitive and vulnerable needs courage, but feels for many highly sensitive people like coming home.

If you got interested in the subject, feel free to contact me, or read more in Elaine Aron´s webpage.



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