Individual sessions

A session consists of two parts. The first is a conversation which brings clarity to your aims, discovering the steps towards them and focuses your attention on your actual experience.


In the second part of the session, touch takes over. The touch I use is beyond massage. It sharpens your attention and reminds your body of its functions. It is a powerful tool that leads to tangible results in your learning process.

Your body knows how to breathe, move, contract, resist and expand- how to engage with fear and pain as well as pleasure and rest.

Aims to enhance your learning process:

  • To identify and overcome obstacles to your wellness in the areas of personal, physical, emotional and mental experience
  • To face fear and move from being stuck to taking action
  • To develop a calm, clear and curious mind
  • To engage with emotional and physical pain in a beneficial way
  • To follow what you are drawn to naturally and step aside from what doesn’t serve you – whether in your surroundings or even in your own behaviour
  • To become your most powerful ally – to support and challenge yourself  instead of beating yourself up
  • To create an environment that supports you best in every way –from places and things to healthy relationships
  • To reclaim qualities that are buried underneath your current state of being – like curiosity, creativity, hunger for life, sexual desire and many more