About me

I’ve had the privilege of teaching people for the past twenty years. My work had its foundation within the Grinberg Method but has since taken its own path.

I worked in Graz, Austria, for several years, moved then to Barcelona, a place, that taught me in 12 years a lot about living joyfully. I currently live and work at the Tegernsee, Germany.

I’ve always loved teaching, as well as learning, and I believe that both work best in a non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages playful exploration – something I offer to my clients.

Incorporating bodywork in learning to be well was seen as somewhat unorthodox 20 years ago but today our understanding of wellness has grown. In my experience using the body as a path to wellbeing optimises results and the journey itself becomes far more enjoyable.

Reclaiming the joy of being alive is a process that can happen very quickly but it is a process that involves all of our being – challenging our thoughts and actions, touching our feelings and, in some cases, even shattering our whole way of perceiving ourselves and the world. Joy is sometimes hidden at the bottom of a pile of pain and fear but it is there.

After many years of teaching, both in groups and in one-to-one sessions, I’ve been going back to the roots of my work where touch is the main focus. Touch is the most direct way to communicate with the body. It is a simple and straight forward language that allows us to remember in a powerful way what it means to be joyfully alive.