My life without vision

My life without vision



I wrote this article about vision and my australian friend corrected it, thinking it was about blind people. The moment we found out, was a very refreshing one.

I didn’t write about blind people. I wrote about this thing, that many people are looking for. The one, that gives your life purpose and makes you get up in the morning.

Actually I was writing this for people, who haven’t managed to find their vision in this moment of their lives, because this is what happened to me.

I wasn’t able to find it  – not by reading about it, not by thinking about it, not by talking to smart people about it, not by looking for it in the world.

Since I seemed to be doomed to live a life without vision, I looked for something else. “Vision” seemed to like ideas for the futures, projects, plans and my life at that moment lacked all of that.

But in my search of “Vision” I was very lucky.  I met “Meaning”.

She started to talk to me.

She talks about a colourful, chaotic, huge pile of little moments.

– me being truly here and life touching me.

She whispers about receiving with an open heart and about honoring life.

She advises me to worship beauty, to make use of my talents and to act gracefully.

She allows me to refuse something wholehearted and doesn’t mind moments of pain, sorrow and despair.

She loves hearing me laughing out loud.

She teaches me to embrace pain, fear and the world with it’s imperfection.

I am glad, she started to talk to me.

Meaning made me calmer, because she is always here – being found in smiling at the old man in the street, being with my neighbour and her dying cat, calling my daughters or sharing a touching moment with a client, sitting next to a tree and being happy, because not even words are needed in a moment like this one.

Hello world!

Now it’s my time to talk! Want to join me?