Every time I remember Karin and the work we did together I remember where my heart is. One of the many great things I learned in her sessions is to know where my heart is and “to listen to it” more often. This has represented a huge leap in my life quality.

I hesitate less about the direction I should take when it comes to making important decisions, and I am more in peace after taking the better path for me. I have more and better friends because I put a lot more of myself in every friendship. I feel less lonely because I can feel my friends close to me even when I’m alone or far away from them.

I also learnt with Karin invaluable lessons about honesty, integrity, and humbleness, all of which allow me today to be a more unified individual with less tension in my body and less fear in my life.

Ivan, London

I was feeling like a failure at my job. Realizing that I was working hard at the things I thought I could handle, avoiding the things I thought I couldn’t. The things I feared. I felt like a study in avoidance. I told Karin about it. Feeling like I was exposing something very personal, very private. Her answer, so quick, so simple, took me by surprise: “There will always be fear.” What a scary, true, powerful statement. My work with her is not about how to stop feeling fear. It is about welcoming the fear, accepting it, but not letting that fear control my behavior. Walking into the fear. Understanding how it feels in my chest, my stomach, my legs. Accepting the warnings, information and feelings fear brings to the table. And then, once understood and accepted, letting it go. Moving into the actions that follow after. The project at the bottom of the list moves to the top. Chipping away at the thing I don’t understand until it becomes clear. Walking with and through the fear to that central place where I find calmness, clearness and strength.

Ed, Barcelona


Through my work with Karin I learn about who I am and who I can be. The special thing is: First I experience it and then I know. This way, experience and knowledge are an active and vivid part of my perception. Movement started to happen in different areas of my life. Where there had been rigidity and limitation before, there is now movement and freedom. Feels amazing.

Henning, Munich


When I start thinking about what has changed since my first encounter with Karin, I am still amazed about all this happiness. The lightness and contentment, that I experience today most of the time, were alien to me before. Instead, I felt heavy, sad and dull.

With the help of Karin I learned , that I can stop suffering. It´s true, that it is terrifying, when the thing you got used to, is suddenly not there anymore. But it´s also true, that there lies an incredible amount of happiness in this, which makes the jump into cold wáter totally worth it.

Until today I find myself surprised in almost every session and I am grateful for the fact, that life has so much more to offer.

Julia, Munich


I knew, that I needed help and I also knew, that just talking wouldn´t be enough. This is how I came to Karin. Wow! Finally the right steps in the right direction. Karin showed me on one hand, what my body had stored and how deeply traumas were manifested, but she also led me to be able to work with them on my own. It´s up to me, how I treat myself. Her help in helping myself, her encouragment to look into the future, turn my head away from the drama towards my wishes, dreams and future – a relief on all levels.

Gabriele, Munich


I came to Karin with premenstrual syndrome. For me the days of menstruation changed from days with a lot of pain and heavy mood to a time in which I am attentive to my body and enjoying myself.  I had only six sessions, and I think that´s incredibly efficient. I highly recommend this to all women with similar experiences to mine.

Alexandra, Barcelona


Karin is like a kid-gloved warrior, tracking down plain truths and contracted muscles from my camouflaged responses to simple probing questions.
I look forward to my weekly visits immensely – I feel a changed man – and although after 8 sessions not totally free from chronic health problems, I feel better, stronger and younger.

Harry, Barcelona


I recommend the work of Karin, which is professional, intimate and empathetic and makes you able to establish a unity between mind and body.

Ines, Barcelona


We all live times of instability in our lives and in order to confront such times, we listen not only to our minds but to our bodies as well. This was the premise that made me put trust in “the hands” of my brilliant teacher, Karin Sommer.

There are ways upon ways to confront such changes, for example ignoring them- with such a solution it only postpones action and extends our internal discomfort, or being conscious of the need for change but not knowing how to direct it (this was my case, feeling lost while believing to keep things clear and in control). And that’s where my sessions with Karin were a great success.

Initially, she identified and showed me how my body sent signals of disagreement in relation to certain blocked thoughts or feelings (being more specific, a ball of nerves burning in my gut). It was a great surprise to become aware of the source of pain that accompanied me since I was very young!

Over time and with perseverance during our sessions, we worked to understand the origin of these signals, in order for me to become capable to intervene and modify them. And today, thanks to Karin, I rest assured that my stomach doesn’t bother me, and I have learned to react in time to not let my head take control over my body! And not only that: as we worked on the source of the problem, as if by magic, I was making important decisions that have led me to say happily, that I made the changes I had wanted.

Since then, with great relief and gratitude, I recommend my friends, when they are in times of need, to open their eyes to the help from people like Karin Sommer, who, with professionalism and care, is committed to sharing her knowledge and helping install a wellness in those seek it.

Anna, Barcelona



I came to Karin to be supported in my fight with my arthritis rheumatoid that I have been carrying for over 6 years. During the year (or more) Karin worked with me, I came to understand things about my body and the interaction between my body and brains that I had never been able to see before- the way I act, the way I reacted on situations and how that affected my body in a positive or negative way.

The basics of breathing has been, and is still, one of my core guidelines and it keeps pain down (or up when forgetting). I learned not to fight my body but to understand what it wanted and that is was also (beside my brains) a part of me with the right to be taken care of. Without Karin’s guidance, treatment and conversations I’m not sure I would have figured this out myself. Today I live with my disease as part of me, pain is less when I take care of myself and the methodologies I have learned with Karin are key in that caring. I hated my body when I came to Karin. Today I love my body and the signs it gives me when I forget.

Patricia, Barcelona


During my personal process with Karin, which lasted about a year and a half, I have gained “self-awareness” and therefore also gained that which is priceless- Freedom.

She made me aware of bad habits that had built up within me, taught me to distance myself from them, see them with new perspective and change them. Sleep, food, rest, tranquillity, my relationships, very basic aspects but ones that I had blocked in certain ways; slowly undoing knots with every session, approaching them in a very sincere way, always from the physical to the root cause of that self-destructive mechanism that kept me away from myself.

Now I am more aware of my true energy, vitality and being, including the good and the bad, with fewer barriers and fewer limits.

This self-knowledge is infinite, and my time with Karin in my life journey of self-awareness has been truly invaluable. Thank you.

Anna, Barcelona


A few years ago I met by chance Karin and the Grinberg Method. I didn´t know what this method was about, but I had became curious and was open for new things in this period of my life.

At first I was surprised by the approach, because my tendency was to be quite mental and I didn´t know this way of working. Above all I was surprised to be encouraged to be afraid and allow fear in the body.

When I agreed to this, things started to move in my life.  Karin helped me a lot in this. I felt in good hands with her, well guided and she adapted to my rhythm.

All in all we worked almost three years together. I like her way of working, she often led me to my limits in a way that was appropriate and helpful for me.

I learnt to accept things, also the ones, I didn´t want to accept. I was often sad, angry,  happy, stronger, with confidence after the session and whatever I felt, it was authentic, intense and lively.

Sometimes I surprised myself, because through the sessions with Karin I sometimes was able to take important decisions quite quickly, which in other times was rather difficult for me.

All in all I feel stronger, quieter, healthier and with more self-esteem. Before writing these lines I went trough my old diaries and I am really surprised about myself. I take much more care of what I need. Fear is in a different ways present in my life. One way I have learnt – and still am learning more – to allow fear, and on the other hand there is much less fear in my life – although I am afraid, I am capable to affront situations and act.

Nadine, Barcelona